Autonation Non Compete Agreement

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 Mandamus Relief is available to impose forum selection clauses.   In Re AIU Insurance Co., which was decided on the same day as Prudential, we recognized that such clauses should generally “take full effect” and “should control without making a strong statement that [they] should be set aside.” 13 We stressed that “the obligation for a party to be tried in a forum other than the agreed forum and the requirement for legal action to obtain the justification of the rights granted in a forum selection clause is a manifest harassment” 14 – harassment, which violates not only the non-injurious party, but also the broader judicial system, to create inefficiency by allowing forum shopping, wasting judicial resources, delaying assessment on the merits and distorting the dynamics of the colonies at odds with the contractual expectations of the parties15.  The agreement stipulates that, unless such an agreement is prohibited by existing legislation, the worker accepts that, during the period beginning on the date of this agreement and ending one year after the date on which the worker`s employment or commitment with the company is denounced, directly or indirectly, alone or in a different way. Rent or maintain new or used vehicles. within 50 (50) miles of the car dealership or office where the employee is employed by the company, subsidiary or related business, or (ii) within 10 (10) miles of a new or used dealer owned by the company, subsidiary or related business. The contract also included a provision prohibiting Hatfield from hiring AutoNation employees or asking its customers for a one-year period after termination. In 2003, Hatfield had to sign a “Confidentiality, No-Solicitation/No-Hire and Non-Compete Agreement” as a condition of continued employment.   The agreement was reached between Hatfield and AutoNation “in collaboration with their subsidiaries and related companies” and included a one-year agreement, 2 On April 5, the Texas court held a law order that the agreement be interpreted under Florida law and a forum selection clause stipulated that all complaints arising from the agreement should be filed in Florida.3 On April 5, the Texas court held a decision to refuse and declared that it had rejected AutoNation`s application and Hatfield`s application.