Interconnection Agreement Why

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On the internet, where the concept of “call” is generally difficult to define, peering without housing and internet transit are common forms of interconnection. An interconnection contract within the Internet is generally referred to as a peering agreement. An Interconnection Agreement (AI) is a formal legal document detailing the terms of the ISO-managed liaison service. If you have sent a connection request (IR) to ISO for an Elective Transmission Upgrade (ETU) system, you must enter an AI before you start construction and operation. IMDA strongly encourages its licensees to enter into interconnection and access agreements in trade negotiations. However, IMDA has played a more active role in the adoption of fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory interconnection and access agreements involving dominant licensees. IMDA requires a dominant licensee to provide interconnection and access services to licensees based on facilities and services as part of its reference link offering. Licensees seeking a link with a dominant licensee can do so through: accelerated interconnection requires you to take one or more of the following steps under the LGIA (Schedule 22): IMDA will settle disputes between licensees resulting from the inability of licensees to enter into individual interconnection agreements or sharing agreements. IMDA may also resolve disputes over the implementation of an interconnection agreement with a dominant licensee or a sharing agreement reached as part of the IMDA dispute settlement procedures. All licensees must network, directly or indirectly, to ensure smooth communication throughout Singapore.

The IMDA legal framework for interconnection is contained in Sections 5 and 6 of the Code of Conduct for Competition in the Provision of Telecommunications Services 2012 (Telecom Competition Code 2012 (1.02MB)). THE IMDA may grant exemptions to specific provisions of the Telecommunications Competition Act 2012 if a good reason is demonstrated. (a) interconnection in accordance with an approved reference offer for interconnection; You have the option to forego the study of facilities (FAC) and choose an accelerated interconnection and instead enter into an engineering and procurement agreement (E-P). This choice requires you to make specific milestones and costs, and your decision cannot be reversed. Calendar 22, Section 11, Standard Large Generator Interconnection Agreement (LGIA), includes the process of developing connection agreements for large generators; Schedule 25 includes Contracts for The Interconnection of Electoral Transfer Upgrades (ETUIAs); and Calendar 23, Section 4.8, SGIA (Small Generator Interconnection Agreement), includes the calendar for small generators. Here is a summary of the main points. On the public telephone network, a connection agreement includes, without exception, billing fees based on the source of call and destination, connection times and duration, if these charges are not removed between operators.