Playstation Terms Of Service And User Agreement

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21.10. We may change the price of your subscription (up or down) to reflect changes in the subscription product, reflect our subscription delivery costs, ensure that the subscription remains a viable service, or to respond to market changes such as exchange rate changes, local taxes or inflation. 8.5. Cancellations and refunds. All playStation Store purchases are final and non-refundable, except in this agreement or in PlayStation Store`s current cancellation policy (here under In some countries, you can purchase prepaid PlayStation®Network cards to fund your PlayStation or PlayStation®Network and Qriocity service vouchers that would entitle you to certain services when you exchange. The purchase and use of prepaid cards and vouchers are subject to the terms and conditions on the cards or vouchers and the terms and conditions available on or 14.4. We (or our affiliates) use this information to enforce these conditions, to comply with the law, to protect our rights and those of our licensees and users, and to protect our community. We may share this information with the police or other relevant authorities.

Some services we offer via or in conjunction with Sony`s online services, PlayStation®Store or Qriocity branded store may have certain additional conditions (“Additional Conditions”), such as. B rules specific to certain games and rights to access services. Please read them carefully, as these additional conditions are also part of your contract with us and may change from time to time. In the event of a conflict between these conditions and the additional conditions, the conditions apply. These additional conditions and conditions also apply without prejudice to all terms and conditions regarding a product based on a disc used in connection with a Sony online service. 1. LICENSING. The software is licensed and is not sold to you. YOU LLC grants you a limited and non-exclusive license to use the software for personal use on your PlayStation system. Only for PlayStation software, SIE LLC grants you a limited and non-exclusive license for the use of the “Share and Create” buttons to replicate the software`s audio and video outputs or to stream them to third-party services supported by the PlayStation system, where the software allows the use of the “Share” or “Create” button and where SIE LLC has the right to allow you to record, record and share the content of the software.

This limited, non-exclusive license includes recording parts of the software content on the PlayStation system and using the tools of that system to edit those records. The licenses described in this section are only effective from the date the approved software is published.