Td Ameritrade Stockholders Agreement

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At an extraordinary virtual meeting of shareholders, TD Ameritrade shareholders today overwhelmingly approved the merger agreement, with more than 99 per cent of the votes cast voting in favour of the proposal. More than 99% of the shares issued by Schwab shareholders voted in favour of a proposal to issue tD Ameritrade shareholders in exchange for the acquisition of new schwab common shares. More than 98% of the shares sold, representing more than 85% of all outstanding shares, voted in favour of amending the fifth amended and renewed confirmation of Schwab`s creation to create a new class of non-voting common shares that would be presented to TD Bank and its related companies as a merger idea. In accordance with the amendment to Schwab`s charter, the number of authorized shares of Schwab`s capital stock will increase by 300 million, and Schwab will be authorized to issue 300 million shares of non-voting Schwab common shares with a par value of US$0.01 per share. On September 18, 2017, as part of the closing of the transaction described in point 2.01, TD Ameritrade Holding Corporation, Delaware Corporation (the company), the Bank of Toronto-Dominion (TD Bank), TD Luxembourg International Holdings S.a. (TD Lux), Rodger O. Riney, as a voting agent of rodger O. Riney Family Voting Trust U/A/D 12/31/2012 (as sole shareholder of Scottrade (shareholder) and other shareholders (Ricketts shareholders) who entered into a registration rights agreement (the registration rights agreement) entered into by TD Bank, TD Bank, T Lux, the shareholder and the Rickett Shareholders with certain usual registration rights with respect to their respective shares of the company`s genealogical share, face value of USD 0.01 per share (the shares of the company). Under the registration rights agreement, each TD Bank, TD Lux, Ricketts shareholder and shareholders are entitled to certain registration, shelf withdrawal and piggyback rights for their respective shares, subject to certain customary restrictions (including the minimum size and maximum number of claims and withdrawals signed during certain periods). With respect to TD Bank, TD Lux and Ricketts shareholders, the registration rights agreement replaces the amended, amended and amended registration rights agreement of June 22, 2005 with and between the company, TD Bank and Ricketts shareholders. The main factors associated with transactions that could lead to such differences include the failure of the parties to meet the conditions for the timely merger agreement, including regulatory approvals; Disputes challenging the merger; the risk that expected revenues, expenses and other synergies resulting from the transaction will not be fully realized or take longer than expected; The parties are not in a position to successfully implement their integration strategies; And disruptions in the activities of the parties as a result of the announcement and the pendant of the transaction.

Other important factors are general market conditions, including the level of interest rates, equity valuation and trading activity; The ability of parties to attract and retain registered clients and investment advisors and to develop these relationships and assets; Competitive pressure on pricing, including deposit interest rates; Parties are able to develop and market new and improved products, services and skills and improve their infrastructure in a timely and successful manner; Customer use of party advice solutions and other products and services; Customers` sensitivity to prices The amount of the client`s assets, including cash holdings; The needs and management of funds and liquidity the scale and duration of the COVID 19 pandemic and the measures taken by government authorities to stem the spread of the virus and the economic impact; Regulatory guidelines Litigation or regulatory issues all the negative effects of financial reform legislation and related rules; and other factors outlined in Schwa`s joint final decision/prospectiation