Yukon Tenancy Agreement

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(a) the termination of the lease has taken place and entry is made at a reasonable time to expose the premises to tenants or potential buyers; A substantial breach of the tenancy agreement involves a breach of the tenant`s liability, as described in the law, or a series of breaches of a tenancy agreement whose cumulative effectiveness is significant and extremely damaging. A tenant may object to an eviction notice by filing an application with the Landlords and Tenants` Court. 5. Renunciation and termination – Tf the tenant leaves the premises or terminates the tenancy contract other than in the manner permitted, the landlord must mitigate any damage that may be caused by abandonment or termination, as long as part of a contract is legally obliged to mitigate the damage. (section 72) 3. The lease is for a fixed term and is described in the attached A list, which then becomes an integral part of that lease. After the closing of the tenancy agreement, the lessor cannot increase the fees or fees listed in the tenancy agreement, or collect an additional fee or fee without informing the tenant in writing of the increase or addition of a period of at least three months before the increase or supplement comes into effect. The termination on the last day or before the last day of the lease is effective on the last day of the next rental week. 7.

Entrance doors – Except by mutual agreement, the landlord or tenant must not change the lock or locking system of a door entering the Prennses or cause it to modify the lock or lock system when the tenant occupies the rental agreement. (section 75) Irrespective of Section 90 and insinuation (3), the lease does not end in any of the months of December, January or February, when the lessor cancels the lease and the lease relates to a mobile-home property. The total amount of a security deposit should be no more than the first month`s rent. A deposit can be applied for the last month`s rent. The lessor must pay interest at the prescribed rate (set twice by the consumer services) on the bond either annually or 15 days after the end of the lease, which is the first priority. A deposit may be deducted from the payment of the last tenancy period as part of the lease agreement. If a landlord and tenant have signed declarations describing the condition of the rental property at the time of moving and moving, the deposit may be levied to repair the damage to the property. (e) indicates the date on which the lease is to be concluded. In the case of a tenancy agreement of six months or more, a tenant has the right to sell or sublet the leased property. This requires the approval of the lessor and a valid reason for rejecting such a request must be indicated. A termination of the lease by a tenant is made to the lessor on the day or before the last day of the lease, in order to take effect on the last day of the following rental month immediately, except in the case of a mobile home where a 12-month termination is required. Use this handy kit to document the rental of a residential property.

Forms include credit information forms, pet rules, late rent requirements, lease termination and more.