Adjustment Meaning In Agreement

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The issues with which the Seller`s parents disagree are limited to determining whether the final balance sheet proposed by buyer is correct and whether it has been prepared in accordance with IFRS (except for the agreed adjustments) and in accordance with the balance sheet of reference of the combined transactions, including in accordance with Annex 1.1(s). and selling parents are not allowed to submit disputes on any other basis. 6.1. Before the start of processing, the processor shall document the implementation of the necessary technical and organisational measures defined before the award of the contract or the contract, in particular with regard to the detailed performance of the contract, and submit those documented measures to the controller for consultation. With the adoption by the person in charge, the documented measures become the basis of the treaty. To the extent that the review/examination by the controller gives rise to changes, such changes shall be implemented by mutual agreement. 5.11. Upon expiry of this Agreement, the Processor is obliged to hand over to the Controller all personal data provided within the framework of the Commission that have not yet been processed or deleted, or to prove their correct deletion. 4.3. The audit manager has examined the proper processing of his data as well as the technical and organisational measures taken by the subcontractor on site and shall continue to verify compliance with those measures and to document in writing the results of those audits during the term of the contract. Proof of such measures, which do not only concern the specific contract, may be provided by certificates, reports or statements of reports of independent bodies (e.g.B.B. Auditor, auditor, data protection controller, IT security department, data protection controllers, quality auditors) or by appropriate certification through IT security or data protection audits.

4.5. Upon expiry of the contract, the controller is obliged to decide, within a reasonable period set by the processor, whether the data should be returned or erased. . . . .