Audi Maintenance Agreement

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Audi Care covers the maintenance calculations listed below (your 10K service is always free!) As a broken high school student, James was part of the “If it ain`t broke, don`t fix it” maintenance school. I hope that while you are reading this, you are still sticking to the quirky brochure for “Audi Care” or “Audi Care Plus” and that you have not yet pressed the shutter button to buy it. Audi Care is your local dealer`s service or maintenance warranty package that covers your Audi service needs for up to 45,000 miles for the basic plan and 75,000 miles for the “Plus” plan. If you buy a new Audi vehicle, you have the option to purchase Audi Care, a comprehensive service plan for new vehicles. The costs can be taken into account in the payment of your vehicle or, if you prefer, within 2 years or 30,000 kilometers after the date of initial commissioning of the vehicle. Depending on what happens first, after the purchase of your Audi. As you have to have the maintenance done, it`s absolute child`s play to use the savings! * Only participating dealers.** Audi strongly recommends performing a maintenance service within 1,000 miles (before/after) of the manufacturer`s scheduled service interval, as stated in the Audi Warranty & Maintenance Booklet. Audi will, however, pay for each covered maintenance service performed outside these parameters if the power is achieved within the deadlines set by the Audi Care contract for the covered plan. Under no circumstances does Audi pay for standard maintenance work carried out outside the schedule set by the Audi Care contract for the covered plan.

Planned maintenance work which has not been completed within five years from the date of commissioning of the original vehicle shall be excluded. . . .