Define Trade Secret Agreement

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Instead, trade secret holders try to protect trade secrets from their competitors by introducing specific procedures to deal with them, as well as technological and legal security measures. [6] Legal safeguards include confidentiality agreements (NSAs) and temporary employment and non-competition clauses. In other words, in exchange for the possibility of being employed by the secret holder, a worker can sign agreements not to disclose the protected information of his potential employer, assign or assign to his employer property rights in intellectual work and labor products produced during employment (or as a condition) and for a fixed period of time (sometimes within a set period of time) not to work for a competitor. A breach of the agreement usually involves the possibility of hefty fines that discourage the disclosure of trade secrets. However, proving a violation of an NDA by a former interested party who legally works for a competitor or who is required in a non-compete violation complaint can be very difficult. [7] A trade secret holder may require similar agreements from other parties with whom he deals, such as for example. B sellers, licensees and members of the board of directors. You only have to reveal secrets at the time of filing your patent application, but not while the patent is in force. Once your patent application is approved, you can develop other proprietary objects based on your invention without having to disclose them, and you can keep them as trade secrets. .