Uk Theatre Bectu Agreement

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Our task is to represent the complex and different needs of our members in negotiations with these unions. For more information about individual agreements, click on the icons below. This latest updated agreement entered into force in April 2017 (Updated January 2019) We are responsible for negotiating and implementing a series of collective agreements with Equity, BECTU and The Musicians` Union. These agreements define the minimum payment and conditions applicable to the entire sector for the engagement of actors, stage management, creatives, technicians and musicians. The agreement between UK Theatre and Bectu applies to most commercial and subsidised theatres outside London. The union has a number of agreements with ITV licensing companies. In addition, a new national agreement – the Joint National Trade Union Committee – was signed in January 2010. The agreement provides for formal negotiations at national level on remuneration and a number of other business-to-business issues. The structure of the Joint Industry Special Effects Grading Scheme is also used by employers (production companies, producers, etc.) to ensure that they employ experienced, qualified and responsible people.

This system helps to ensure that productions are or become low-risk projects, both from a completion point of view and from a health and safety point of view. UK Theatre / BECTU Agreement April 2017 (Updated January 2019) Your download should start automatically – if not, use the link below. Check out the latest list of accredited rigger builders (this list is made up of accredited personnel who have given permission to publish their details here). Contact us if you have any questions. Use this form to request a note/downgrade and appear on the website list. There is a document containing all the relevant information about the management of this system, including rules, complaint procedures, codes of conduct, rates, job descriptions, etc. Applicants seeking a pyrotechnic classification must also upload and complete a copy of the weekly pyrotechnic protocol. UK Theatre / BECTU Agreement Conseil for 2019-2021Vot on 1 April 2019 – 31.

March 2021 The Joint Industry Committee (composed of representatives from the BBC, ITV, PACT, major film companies and BECTU) determines the level of experience, training and responsibility required to maintain the various professional designations (grades) within the programme. Visit the JIGS website. The permanent employees of these places work throughout the year according to their own rates of pay and internal contracts and terms of service agreed by Bectu with their employers, with the exception of departures. . . .