Documentary Short Film, HD, 19′, 2015

In Europe there’s an island. In that island there’s a Man. And in that Man there’s an island.
Gesuino, 88 years old, former shepherd. Never married or had a family. The outside world has stayed away, outside his house.
But far away from everything Gesuino still keeps one last passion…


Director: Pedro Lino
Featuring Gesuino Nocco
Producers: Pablo Iraola & Pandora da Cunha Telles (Ukbar Filmes)
Stefano Rabolli-Pansera (Beyond Entropy)
Director of Photography: Luca La Vopa
Camera Operator Andy Hague
Editing and Sound Design: Pedro Lino
Sound Recording Richard Barnett
Production Manager Valeria Frisolone
Dialogue Editor and Re-recording Mixer: Filipe Paszkiewicz
Colour Grading: Marco Amaral
Supported by Fondazione MACC and Beyond Entropy.
Shot in Calasetta, Sardinia.


Film Festivals Selected:
2015 33rd Torino Film Festival, Italy
2016 14th VIS Vienna Independent Shorts, Austria
2016 12th Fest – New Directors, New Films, Portugal
Honourable Mention – Grand National Prize
2016 Verona International Film Festival, Italy
2016 14th Ischia Film Festival, Italy
2016 Castellaneta Film Fest, Italy
2016 Festival Corto e Fieno, Italy
2016 9th Mizzica Film Festival, Italy
2016 SHORTS MÉXICO – Festival Internacional de Cortometrajes de México
2016 34th Sulmona International Film Festival, Italia