Documentary Feature Film, HD, 72′, 2018

A storyteller with a rebellious streak, a restless filmmaker with a sense of adventure, an ambitious dreamer in constant pursuit of new challenges, the Italian Rino Lupo was an extraordinary figure in film history. A pioneer in early film history, he directed films from Paris to Moscow, Berlin to Lisbon, witnessing the major events that shaped XX century Europe.
But in the early 30’s he disappeared, never to return – until now…

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Director: Pedro Lino
Producers: Pablo Iraola & Pandora da Cunha Telles (Ukbar Filmes)
Director of Photography: João Pedro Plácido
Editing: João Nicolau, Pedro Lino, Pedro Paiva
Sound Editing: Pedro Gois, Tiago Silva
Music: Buddy Peace
Supported by ICA

Film Festivals Selected:
2018 Indielisboa International Film Festival, Portugal
2018 FEST – New Directors New Films Festival, Portugal
Honourable Mention – Golden Lynx Award