Animation Short Film, HD, 9′ 13″, 2010
“Anthony had a terrible flaw: he only told the truth, nothing but the truth. His family tried everything to cure him, but in vain. As a grown up, he looked for a watchmaker who gave him a cardboard head to replace his own, while he tried to fix the real one. But with the new head, nothing would be the same anymore…”

Directed by Pedro Lino & Luis da Matta Almeida
Animation Director and Character Design by Pedro Lino
Written by Nélia Cruz, based on the short story by João do Rio
Music and Sound Design by Paulo Curado
Animated by André Marques, Armando Coelho, Daniela Duarte, Jeroen Jaspaert, Marta Monteiro, Pedro Lino
Edited by João Champlon
Production Company: Zeppelin Filmes(PT) / Trunk Animation(UK)

Film Festivals Selected:
2012 Festibérico Spanish and Portuguese Film Festival, Netherlands
2012 Monstra Lisboa Animated Film Festival, Portugal
2012 Maremetraggio – International Short Film and Debut Works Festival, Trieste, Italy
2012 International Animation Short Film Festival of Roanne, France
2012 Be there! Corfu Animation Festival , Greece
2012 Ciclo de Animação – Guimarães European Capital of Culture, Portugal
2012 International Animation Festival + Forum, Greece
2011 “Carte blanche”, Centre Pompidou, Paris, France
2011 International Festival on Television Animation “Cartoons on the Bay”, Italy
2011 Belgrade Documentary and Short Film Festival , Serbia
2011 Curtas Sadinas, Portugal
Honourable Mention
2011 Anima Mundi – International Animation Festival of Brazil, Brazil
2011 Market – Festival Internacional de Cine de Guadalajara, Mexico
2011 Centro Cultural Português de Luanda, Angola
2011 Lago Film Fest, Italy
2011 International Film Festival ERA NEW HORIZONS, Poland
2011 International Young Filmmakers Festival of Granada, Spain
2011 CINEPORT – Festival de Cinema de Países de Língua Portuguesa, Brazil
2011 Open-Air Filmfest Weiterstadt, Germany
2011 ReAnimania Yerevan International Animation Film Festival, Armenia
2011 Azores Short Film Festival, Portugal
2011 Fitas Na Rua,Lisbon, Portugal
2011 Caminhos do Cinema Português, Portugal
2011 Shooting People – Winner Film of the Month, United Kingdom
2011 Shortcutz Porto, Portugal
2010 Bradford Animation Festival, United Kingdom
2010 anim’est International Animation Festival, Romania
2010 Shnit International Short Film Festival, Switzerland
2010 Animated Dreams Animation Film Festival, Estonia
2010 Encounters International Film Festival, United Kingdom
2010 Festa Mundial da Animação, France